All About LLCs for Real Estate Investors

real estate rental llc accounting

LLC’s are popular amongst entrepreneurs because they offer some of the key benefits of a corporation – such as protection of personal assets. But they are taxed the same way as a sole proprietorship – meaning that owners must report any business income on their personal tax return. LLCs should have their bank accounts so that business funds don’t co-mingle with personal funds. With this approach, your personal and business spending can be kept separate from one another.

A deed must be signed, and it may need to be witnessed or notarized to be valid, depending on your state. After it’s signed, take it to the city or retail accounting county agency that handles real estate records so it can be recorded. For titled assets like vehicles, make sure titles are properly transferred.

Don’t forget the rent roll

Since mortgage rates and terms generally reflect the unique characteristics of the property owner, you will likely need to change the mortgage rates and terms with the change of ownership. You also need to inform current tenants about changes in ownership and make any necessary changes to their rental agreements. Putting property in an LLC is a common strategy for new businesses, landlords, and real estate investors. It’s not a difficult process, but it’s important to document the transaction and consider the tax consequences. Whether you own rental property or are setting up a new business, you may want to transfer some of your personal assets to an LLC to pull out equity for liability protection.

First and foremost, you want to choose accounting software designed specifically for rental properties. Consider the features in the section above, decide which are most essential to your business, and get software that will do those tasks. The more thoroughly you screen your tenants, the more likely you’ll have residents who pay rent on time and don’t cause any issues.

Should I set up a business bank account for my rental property?

However, a potential long-term structure is to work with an asset protection attorney in your state. We haven’t bought a home yet and would like to still be eligible for FHA. Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business from Drexel University with a concentration in business law. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions anyone can follow to form their LLC – all for free! This is the easiest way to start as you don’t need to make a complicated decision before testing it out and experiencing it in the real world. Or feel free to do this strategy until you have 10 properties owned in 10 different LLCs.

This separation ensures that all the income and expenses flowing in and out of your business don’t mix with your personal affairs. In addition, creating savings accounts is an important tool for earmarking future rental property expenses, such as capital expenditures and vacancies, as well as holding on to security deposits. Landlords can collect online rent payments from an unlimited number of payment accounts. Residents can pay through bank accounts, credit cards, ACH, or cash, and you receive the money four to five business days later.

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