Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio: How to Calculate

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While a low TIE ratio likely indicates a credit risk, investors can turn down companies with very high TIE ratios. Investors often view businesses with a high TIE ratio as risk-averse, meaning the company might not be reinvesting to expand the business, limiting the company’s growth. For this reason, a bank or investor will consider several different metrics before providing funding. Let us take the example of Walmart Inc.’s annual report for the year 2018 to compute its Times interest earned ratio.

  • Lenders and investors often use this metric to determine whether to approve a loan application or invest in the business.
  • They won’t have to seek other ways to fund their company because banks are willing to lend to them.
  • As a result, larger ratios are considered more favorable than smaller ones.
  • Here’s what you need to know about the fixed charge coverage ratio and how to calculate it.
  • A bank or investor would use the ratio to determine if a company might need to pay down other debts before taking on more.

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Times Interest Earned Ratio: What It Is, How to Calculate TIE

The times interest earned ratio (TIE), also known as the interest coverage ratio (ICR), is an important metric. A company’s ability to pay all interest expense on its debt obligations is likely when it has a high times interest earned ratio. The TIE ratio is based on your company’s recent current income for the latest year reported compared to interest expense on debt.

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Times Interest Earned Ratio Calculator (TIE)

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